1, The product warranty of our company is one year, and the warranty counting time is from the date of purchase.
2,  If the product type, color, style, and so on do not meet the customers’ requirements or quality problems appear, from the receipt date of products, customers can put forward the requirement of exchange to our company in a week.
Exchange of products should meet the following requirements:
Product packaging should be complete, and the products have not yet been worn.
The sales voucher should be sent back together with the products.
3. The following content is not under warranty, but we can offer paid repair:
(1)Product damage caused by human cases;
(2)Products not marked with signs of waterproof damaged by moisture;
(3) Plating layer is corroded or worn;
(4)Problems caused by other services or maintenance.
4. If problems are caused by normal wearing in the period of warranty , customers can contact the relevant personnel of our company to manage the warranty procedures, but the maintenance and transportation costs are borne by the customer.


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